High Quality “Green” Landscape Materials in Mentor and Bedford, Ohio

A father’s dream and a son’s devotion to fulfill that dream are the real story and origin of MRLM Landscape Materials. MRLM is an affiliate of JTO, Inc. and Jerome T. Osborne, Jr. (Jerry) was the founder. His insight and vision transformed a two-man tree service into the multi-diversified corporation that it is today. While working in the tree service industry he saw a need for places to dump logs, brush and chips and in 1971 he began recycling those items by grinding them into wood chips. At that time he used those chips, as mulch, to dress up the landscape of properties he owned or donated them to various groups (Boy Scouts, Hospice, United Way and many more) to use for fundraisers. He had always envisioned a larger-full service landscape recycling yard, but his untimely death (1944-1992) prevented him from accomplishing his goal.

His son Jerome T. Osborne, III (Ossie), now the CEO and President of JTO, Inc., had worked closely with his father and had shared his dreams, so it was a natural progression and a privilege for Ossie to continue the legacy. In 1998 Ossie took on the task of building JTO, Inc.’s new headquarters which is located at 6011 Heisley Road; and that spring began putting the 25 acres behind it to good use as a recycling center for landscape materials.

He named it Mentor Recycled Landscape Materials which is a facility that enables businesses and residences to dispose of yard waste and plant material in an environmentally positive manner. Operational since 1998, Mentor Recycled Landscape Materials reclaims organic materials and recycles them into all natural products which can be purchased by area residents, municipalities, landscapers, golf courses and businesses.

Since its inception and thanks to our loyal customers, MRLM continues to grow and now services Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga counties from (2) two locations. Our headquarters and manufacturing site remains at 6011 HEISLEY ROAD, MENTOR, but we now have one satellite location to help service all of our customers’ needs. Our second site in Cuyahoga County has been open since the spring of 2013 and is located at 600 SOLON ROAD, BEDFORD. To encompass all locations and to eliminate confusion the business name was changed to MRLM Landscape Materials and a new phone number was established: (440) 357-MRLM (6756).

For fifty years and with great pride, JTO, Inc. has been reinventing itself to meet the ever-changing world and to accommodate the needs of our customers; this expansion is just another example of that type of progress. With success comes growth and diversification, which is why we continue to explore new ideas to meet the demands of our customers, while concentrating on global environment issues by offering “green” products. In another “green” move to save paper, and to better serve our customers we have added online ordering.

We are excited about these new changes and the immediate benefits it offers to you as our customer, which includes an expanded product line as well as additional disposal locations. You may notice some new faces and an updated logo, but one thing that will not change is our Commitment to providing quality products and dependable service from the best trained Green Industry professionals in the area.


*Been in Business Since 1998*
*Competitive Rates & Online Ordering*
*Quality “Green” & Natural Products*
*Delivery Available*
*Products Manufactured in Ohio*
*Natural Mulch – No Pallets, No Plastic, No Chemicals*

From mulch, compost, topsoil, gravel, limestone to organic gardening products, we offer everything that is needed to add a green touch to your landscape. We even offer yard waste drop off and the 2nd Saturday of every month it is Free to residents. With decades of experience in the industry, we can help you with all your landscaping supply needs. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you beautify your landscape by providing you with high-quality mulches & landscaping products. These products enrich and improve soils, gardens, lawns, & landscape beds, at competitive prices.

Cost Effective Materials

Consult us to choose the best mulches and green landscaping materials that match your needs and budget. We’ll keep your landscape healthy and attractive for years to come.