MRLM accepts yard waste, plant materials, brush and logs in an environmentally positive manner at both of its locations. It then processes these reclaimed organic materials by passing through grinders, creating smaller wood fibers or bare mulch. The mulch is then color enhanced in a natural and “SAFE” system. Colorant is mixed with water and applied to the wood fibers. The fibers absorb the colorant, and are completely soaked, to produce the desired colorized mulch product. The end product is a premium mulch which is safe for plants and animals.
If you have damaged lawn areas from snowplowing or bald spots in your yard, our compost mulch is the answer. Just mix together some compost mulch and grass seed. Next rake the mixture into the desired spots around your yard. Then let the spring showers do the watering for you. In a few weeks those spots will be filled with green grass. Patching during the summer will require watering.
The more organic the materials, the faster they will decompose. MRLM has two products that fall into this category: Mentor Pride Hardwood and Organic Compost Mulch. Both will enrich and improve the overall condition of your soil, as they break down over time.
Your mulch depth should be no more than 2.5 inches and no less than 2 inches. At this depth the mulch will create a weed barrier and soil moisture conservation.
Mulch is typically applied in spring after the soil has warmed and begun to dry from the winter. A second application can be done in autumn to protect your plants from frost and the winter temperatures.