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Download PDF: 2019 Retail Landscape Material List


Mentor Pride Hardwood Mulch 34.00 View
Hardwood Black Mentor Mulch (color enhanced) 37.00 View
Hardwood Triple Black Mentor Mulch (color enhanced) 46.00 View
Hardwood Cocoa or Cherry Brown Mentor Mulch (color enhanced) 38.00 View
Hardwood Cardinal Red Mentor Mulch (color enhanced) 40.00 View
Compost Mulch 27.00 View
Screened Leaf Compost 26.00 View
Wood Chips Screened 25.00 View
Wood Chips Unscreened 20.00 View
Poppy’s Peat (mulch or soil amendment made from leaf, manure & organic compost) 32.00 View
MRLM Plant Bed Mix (soil, sand, humus) 34.00 View
Sweet Green Garden Mix (soil, manure, sand & leaf compost) 36.50 View
Screened Topsoil Landscaper’s Blend (Wholesale Only) N/A View
Screened Topsoil Professional Blend 29.50 View
Fill Lake Sand (cy) 38.00 View
#1 & #2 Limestone(cy) 52.00 View
#57 Limestone (cy) 52.00 View
#304 Limestone (cy) 49.00 View
#411 Limestone (cy) 49.00 View
Limestone Fines (cy) 50.00 View
#3 & #4 Washed Gravel (cy) 65.00 View
#8 Washed Gravel (cy) 54.00 View
#57 Washed Gravel (cy) 59.00 View
#304 Recycled (cy) 30.00 View
Recycled Screenings (cy) 30.00 View
Blue Smelter Bay (cy) Call for availability View
Tip Fee: (Up to 1 ton pick-up) All natural products only…no pallets, treated wood, plastic, etc. Varies

View All Available Products
Download PDF: 2019 Retail Landscape Material List

Special orders and pricing available, so please reach out to one of MRLM’s landscape supply sales staff associates listed on the contact page for more information.*Prices are subject to change without notice. Sizing and pricing may vary. Delivery Fee not included in price.
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